Edel und Süss

peter Graeber senior, who was born in 1881, founded the vine-growing estate step by step. In the beginning, he shipped his wine in little wooden barrels by rail. Then, in 1947, Peter started to bottle wine; the bottles were sent in lockable wooden cases to the customers. Along with their wives, his sons August and Ludwig expanded the winery and developed the clientele much further. Hence, Peter Graeber senior has been able to spend his retirement playing his violin and composing dialect poetry. In fact, his works were merged into the dialect poetry book “Gereimtes und Ungereimtes” (Rhymed and Unrhymed). Today, Peter and his wife, Hannelore, manage the vine-growing estate and continue the long-lasting family tradition. With delight pleasure, commitment and affection for wine, approximately 90 % of

the wine is directly sold at the winery. The remaining 10 % are shipped to the customers. Peter’s daughter Nicole was also trained as a winery technician after she had served her apprenticeship as a winegrower in Weinsberg. After that she gained experience at various Tuscan wineries, known as the Chianti area. In 2000, Nicole glanced at many different wines of the New World down under. Since then, she has realized all her ideas supported by her parents’ experience at the parental winery. Next to working in the vineyard and the wine cellar, Nicole has a passion for tasting and is herself taster of the wine quality inspection and the regional wine award. Nicole has been co-managing the vine-growing estate with her parents since July 2005.

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